Our Mission...

Our landowners are the backbone of our organization, without them, there would be no trail system. These are the people to be celebrated for giving selflessly the generous use of their property for the enjoyment of the snowmobiling community.                     On behalf of all Club members and snowmobilers... 


Our clubhouse is located at...

 341 N Long Pond Road                            Cropseyville, NY 12052                                

Mailing Address 

PO Box 221                                                  Grafton, NY 12082

​Thank You!

The Grafton Trail Blazers Snowmobile Club is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization maintains a 55-mile snowmobile system whose trails extend from the Grafton area, through the Grafton Lakes State Park, to Cherry Plains State Park. Our trail system also passes through Pittstown NY, and Brunswick, NY. On both ends of our trail system, we adjoin other snowmobile clubs also located in Rensselaer County. 

To Our Land Owners - Thank You!

The Grafton Trail Blazers - About Our Club

(a) To maintain and enhance snowmobile trails in New York State and specifically in and around Rensselaer County as public facilities for the use of the general public without charge.
(b) To further the public interest in developing and maintaining public snowmobile trails on public and private lands and preserving the State’s natural resources, as provided under the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law, and thereby also to reduce the burdens of government; 
(c) To increase public awareness of the need for and value of preserving, protecting and managing the natural environment for use by the general public, including snowmobiling, and thereby to further the interest of
New York State in preserving and protecting the state’s natural resources

(d) To encourage conservation of natural resources, including lands and forests, and to promote multiple uses of our lands and forests by the general public;
(e) To provide information to the general public about the outdoor activity of snowmobiling, including information about the safe operation of snowmobiles, the safe travel and navigation of lands by means of snowmobiles, and the protection of the environment while using snowmobiles, and thereby to further the interest of the State, as declared by the Legislature, to promote the proper and safe use and operation of snowmobiles
 (f) To promote public safety and lessen the burdens of government by providing support to governmental authorities having jurisdiction over public safety, the environment, and snowmobiling, including cooperating with governmental agencies to maintain and improve public snowmobile trails.


Every year NYSSA and SLEDNY hold an educational forum where snowmobilers and their families can come and learn about the sport. Several classes are offered at this event including the Groomer safety course!

The Club sends interested members to this event to learn and come back and share their knowledge and experience with other club members. This year we are looking to send 6 members to this event. If you are interested in attending please contact us for details. Below is a link to the event page. Please DO NOT purchase tickets to this event prior to contacting the club as we cover the cost for 6 members. 

Snowmobile Club

Grafton Trail Blazers