Grafton Trail Blazers is a 501c3  not for profit all volunteer organization that maintains 55 miles of trails thru Brunswick, Pittstown, Grafton and Berlin.

Grafton Trail Blazers was formed for the following purposes: 

(a) To maintain and enhance snowmobile trails in New York State
and specifically in and around Rensselaer County as public facilities for the use of
the general public without charge;
(b) To further the public interest in developing and maintaining public
snowmobile trails on public and private lands and preserving the State’s
natural resources, as provided under the Parks, Recreation and Historic
Preservation Law, and thereby also to reduce the burdens of government; 
(c) To increase public awareness of the need for and value of
preserving, protecting and managing the natural environment for use by the
general public, including snowmobiling, and thereby to further the interest of
New York State in preserving and protecting the state’s natural resources;

(d) To encourage conservation of natural resources, including lands
and forests, and to promote multiple uses of our lands and forests by the
general public;
(e) To provide information to the general public about the outdoor
activity of snowmobiling, including information about the safe operation of
snowmobiles, the safe travel and navigation of lands by means of
snowmobiles, and the protection of the environment while using
snowmobiles, and thereby to further the interest of the State, as declared by
the Legislature, to promote the proper and safe use and operation of
 (f) To promote public safety and lessen the burdens of government by
providing support to governmental authorities having jurisdiction over public
safety, the environment, and snowmobiling, including cooperating with
governmental agencies to maintain and improve public snowmobile trails.


Grafton Trail Blazers